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Weed Control Services

Say Goodbye To Weeds.

There’s nothing worse than looking out the window and seeing your lawn full of weeds. Whenever you pull one out, it seems like three come back in it’s place. Let Maggio take care of of it by adding the Standard Package to your current lawn maintenance program.

We service both residential and commercial properties with regularly scheduled visits throughout the season. Maggio’s professional weed control team undergo a thorough training program and are expertly trained to service your property.

Weed Control Service Visit Includes:

weed control truck
First, a fully uniformed team member arrives at your property in a branded Maggio truck.
worker spraying weeds icon
Then they will apply high quality chemical weed control products that are safe for both pets & family.
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Afterwards, Post-Care Instructions are sent to your e-mail on the day of your service. So for optimal results, follow carefully.

Are weeds invading your walkways?

Add Hard Surface Weed Control to your visit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you use?

We use professional grade Fiesta weed control, which is an organic liquid herbicide that is sprayed onto your lawn.

Can I walk on the grass right away?

We recommend staying off your lawn for 2 hour following application to allow the product to dry.

How often will I need to water after the application?

  • Do not water you lawn for 2 hours following the application
  • Then, water your lawn 20 minutes per area, 3x per week

How long will it last?

This professional grade organic herbicide will keep weeds off your lawn for a number of weeks. It does need to be re-applied throughout the season which is why our Fertilizer & Weed Control Standard Package includes weed control all season long!

How much does it cost?

Each property is unique, so depending on the  square footage of your lawn, the price will vary. We  recommend getting a free no-obligation quote. Season long weed control is included in the Standard Package for Fertilizing and Weed Control.

Does this also kill crabgrass?

No, this herbicide has no effect on crabgrass, which is actually not a weed at all, it’s an invasive wild grass. You easily can add Crabgrass Control service to your lawn maintenance program. Simply check off the services you’re interested in on the Request A Quote page.