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Grass Cutting Services

At Maggio, we treat your lawn like our own.

Everyone loves a lawn that has freshly cut grass and prefect lines. But who has the time for grass cutting? You need to service your machine, sharpen your blades and dedicate precious time to lawn maintenance. This season, spend more time enjoying your yard instead of cutting your grass.

We offer grass cutting for both residential and commercial properties on a weekly basis to ensure it is kept looking its best throughout the season. We utilize top of the line push mowers and riding mowers depending on the size and unique needs of your property.

Our expert uniformed team will cut your grass with care, accuracy and precision so you can sit back and enjoy a neat, well manicured lawn. Plus with our multi-person crew sizes, we can cut your property with efficiency.

Grass Cutting Service Visit Includes:

Precise lawn mowing by our expert team
Weed whacker icon
Careful trimming around all obstacles
leaf blower icon
Blow clippings from driveway & walkways
checklist icon
Supervisor quality check completed before leaving
grass cutting fresh cut lawn lines

Did you know we quote your property digitally?

We use satellite technology without stepping foot on your property!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you come for service?

Maggio will cut your lawn on a weekly basis so it is kept looking it’s best.

Can you come every two weeks or once per month?

While it may seem like an effective cost saving measure, waiting to cut the lawn will actually take our team longer which means we have to charge for that time. Plus, it’s harder on the equipment which means we can’t do as good a job. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Do you use push mowers or riding mowers?

We utilize top of the line push mowers or riding mowers depending on the size and unique needs of your property.

Do you take away the clippings?

We use mulching blades on all of our equipment. We don’t recommend removing the clippings from your lawn. Lawn clippings act as a natural fertilizer when they begin to break down, benefiting your lawn’s health.

How much do you charge?

Each property is unique, so depending on the crew size, property size and service time required, the price will vary. We recommend getting a free no-obligation quote.