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Spring Cleanup

Get Your Property Looking It’s Best After The Harsh Winter.

Spring can be one of the messiest seasons, with melting snow unveiling a layer of leaves and debris that can be less than appealing. At Maggio, we understand your desire for a beautifully maintained yard throughout the year. That’s precisely why we provide comprehensive spring cleanup and fall  cleanup services to ensure your outdoor space remains pristine and inviting.

Beyond the essential spring cleanup, your lawn and gardens demand crucial preparation for the upcoming season, especially after enduring the harsh winter elements. During spring, this involves meticulous tasks such as Weeding & Edging garden beds, ensuring a neat and vibrant landscape. Additionally, consider a Topdressing Treatment for your lawn to replenish the vital nutrients lost during the cold winter months, promoting a healthier and more resilient turf.

Spring Cleanup Services Include:

leaf blower icon
We will remove leaves, sticks & debris from your yard. First, leaves will be blown to the curb or onto a tarp.
vacuum truck
Next, our leaf-vacuum truck will collect the leaves and dispose of the yard waste off-site.
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Supervisor quality check completed before leaving
seasonal lawn cleanups

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I just let the leaves naturally decompose?

Leaves can take up to 6 months to decompose, in the meantime, the time they spend on your lawn can cause serious trouble. The leaf piles will suffocate the lawn causing dead grass patches and can lead to fungal grass diseases. We know raking leaves are a pain so leave the hard work to Maggio – let us do your dirty work.

When do you come for Spring Cleanup?

We typically begin Spring Cleanups in the month of April.

How frequently do you come?

Spring Cleanup is a one time service that is available annually, after the Winter temperatures and snow has melted.

How much do you charge?

Each property is unique, so depending on the crew size, property size and service time required, the price will vary. We  recommend getting a free no-obligation quote.

Do you service my gardens too?

Spring Cleanup does not include Garden Maintenance but you can easily add weeding and edging to your Spring Cleanup service visit! Simply check-off the services you’re interested in on the Request A Quote page and let us know in the comment section whether you’d like us to service your garden one time, or for regularly scheduled visits throughout the season.