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Seasonal Cleanups

Spring and Fall are among the messiest of seasons, which can leave your property looking unkept and unsightly. However, seasonal cleanups are about more than just aesthetics, decaying leaves and sticks can have negative consequences for your lawn. Plus some of your plants and shrubs require essential winterization. 

Our Seasonal Cleanups will keep your property looking it’s best. At Maggio, we pride ourselves on our ability to work diligently and efficiently. We’ve fine-tuned our seasonal cleanup process to ensure that we complete the job thoroughly and within a reasonable timeframe. 

The Seasonal Cleanup Process

leaf blower icon
We will remove leaves, sticks & debris from your yard. First, leaves will be blown to the curb or onto a tarp.
vacuum truck
Next, our leaf-vacuum truck will collect the leaves and dispose of the yard waste off-site.
green checklist
A supervisor quality check is completed before leaving the property.
seasonal lawn cleanups

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