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Standard Package

The Essentials For Your Lawn.

A beautiful lawn requires rich nutrients from lawn fertilizer applications to stay healthy and lush along with careful weed control applications with herbicides to control and protect against unwanted weeds and pests.

Our Fertilizer and Weed Control Standard Package has you covered.

Our products outshine the competition!

Our weed control applications are done with top of the line profession products that are safe for pets and family. They effectively eliminate all common weeds found on the lawn.

Our fertilizer is a slow-release polygranular fertilizer which means no-surge growth and fewer visits. Your application will continue to slowly feed your lawn between applications instead of all at once.

The Standard Package Includes

dark green solid seed spreader icon
Season-long fertilizer applications to keep your lawn looking it’s best.
spot seeding
We will spot seed at every visit, adding grass seed to bare areas on your lawn to help keep it lush.
worker spraying weeds icon
Season-long weed control applications to keep your lawn free of weeds.
soil conditioner icon
We add organic soil conditioner to our weed control products to improve your lawn’s soil quality.

Package Add-Ons

worker spraying weeds icon (2)
Hard Surface Weed Control

Weeds will sprout in cracks along driveways, walkways, patios and pools. We’ll spray these areas monthly to control unsightly weed growth on hard surfaces.

icon of a grub
Grub Control

Grubs are an invasive species that feed on your grass causing it to weaken and die & can attract animals to dig it up. We’ll eliminate the grubs to prevent extensive damage.

dark green crabgrass icon
Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass is an invasive annual grass that takes over & eventually browns your lawn. We’ll apply high quality products that to stop unsightly crabgrass invasion on your lawn.

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Lawn Aeration – Mechanical or Liquid
  • Mechanical aeration: Perforation of small holes in the soil to combat soil compaction and allow deep penetration of nutrients, water, sunlight and oxygen.
  • Liquid aeration: Unlike mechanical aeration, liquid aeration has the ability to penetrate to the deepest levels of your soil without the risk of harming your irrigation system or leaving cores on your lawn.
Topdressing & Overseeding

Topdressing helps rejuvenate thinning & uneven lawns. High quality top soil is applied to your patchy lawn. Afterwards, grass seed is applied promoting new growth.

Did you know we quote your property digitally?

We use satellite technology without stepping foot on your property!