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If you want to have a beautiful lawn it’s simply not enough to just water and mow it. This is because your lawn requires rich nutrients from lawn fertilizing applications to stay lush and healthy. But it’s hard to know what’s the best fertilizer for your lawn.

Types Of Fertilizer

There are a few main types of fertilizer on the market:  liquid fertilizer, granular fertilizer and slow release granular fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer typically comes in a concentrated form that is mixed with water and then applied to the lawn. It is easily absorbed into your lawn however it is not available in slow-release form. In addition, it has a high potential for both mixing and application error.

liquid fertilizer application

Quick Release Granular Fertilizer

Quick-release fertilizer comes in a granular form and is typically applied to the lawn using a fertilizer spreader. Quick-release fertilizer takes action in as little as a week but needs to be applied after 3-6 weeks depending if it’s off-the-shelf or professional grade.

fertilizer spreader

Slow Release Granular Fertilizer

Slow-release fertilizer also comes in granular form. This fertilizer takes slightly longer to take action than the other two types but it is slowly released over a period of up to 12 weeks. This is the best fertilizer for your lawn for optimal health and a beautiful colour.

holding fertilizer granules

Why Not Off The Shelf?

It’s tempting to explore do-it-yourself options when it comes to fertilizing your lawn however it is not recommended. The products homeowners have access to purchase contain significantly less nutrients than professional grade products. Beyond that, they are packed with fillers, in other words, you’re getting a small quantity of low strength fertilizer in every bag. In addition, homeowners might also make mistakes in the application, timing and after-care of their application.

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