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Why mulch your gardens?

There are so many benefits of mulch for your gardens. Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your trees and gardens and is way more than just aesthetics.

What is mulch?

There are two types of mulch – organic and inorganic. Organic mulch is made of natural products like wood chips and bark from trees while the other is made from synthetic materials like plastic or rubber. At Maggio, we use only organic mulch.

5 Benefits of Mulch:

1. Suppresses Weeds

Mulch will help to reduce the amount of weeds that grow in the open spaces between shrubs and flowers. The mulch will act like an umbrella, blocking sunlight from reaching the weeds in your gardens.

2. Retains Soil Moisture

Since mulching will act as an umbrella shielding the soil from the sun, this means it will also slow evaporation of water from your soil, keeping it moist longer.

3. Saves Time & Money On Watering

A garden with mulch will retain up to 70% more water than a garden with just soil. This means that by investing in mulch, you’re not only benefitting your garden, but you’re saving yourself time and money!

4. Protects Against Pests & Diseases

Since mulching will improve the overall health of your plants, they will be better equipped to fight of harmful diseases and pests. Plus, pests will feed off the decaying mulch, instead of feeding on your plants and shrubs.

5. Regulates Soil Temperature

Mulch acts as an insulator, keeping your plant roots cool in the hot Summer and warm in the cold Winter. In a country like ours with such unpredictable weather, having mulch gives you peace of mind that your garden can survive the drastic temperature changes.

Proper mulch installation is key when it comes to the health of your plants and shrubs. The amount, thickness and proximity to your plants all factor in to the success of your mulching. Leave the dirty work to us, Maggio has you covered.

Visit our mulch installation page for more details.