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After you’ve cut your grass, you may notice clippings on the lawn. You might be wondering what to do with lawn clippings afterwards? This all depends on the type of blades on your mower and if it has mulching capabilities. Other factors such as grass length and if grass is wet also need to be considered.

Mulching vs non-mulching lawn mower blades

coarse vs fine lawn clippings

Mowers with non-mulching abilities cut the grass as is, leaving thick grass blades that clump together easily. Mulching mowers cut the grass and then shred it into finer pieces.

  • If you have a non-mulching mower, it is not ideal to leave the clippings on your lawn as they can clump together and smother the grass beneath them
  • If you have mulching blades, it is beneficial to leave the clippings on the lawn, as they break down and act as natural fertilizer for your lawn to help it grow and thrive

Benefits of lawn mulching

1. Natural fertilizer

The grass clippings created from your mulching blades will decompose and provide free beneficial nutrients to your lawn. This helps promote healthy colour, thickness and boosts overall turf health

2. Helps breakdown thatch

Adding organic material to your lawn causes an increase in microbial activity which helps control and breakdown lawn thatch.

3. Helps improve soil quality

Allowing the clippings to naturally decompose on your lawn helps to improve the quality of your soil. This is especially helpful for lawns with sand or clay soil.

4. Saves you time

Leaving the clipping on your lawn will not only benefit your lawn but will save you time raking, so you can spend more time enjoying your yard.

When not to leave clippings

Sometimes, even with mulching blades, it is not ideal to leave clippings. You should remove the clippings from your lawn when:

  • Your grass is cut when it was excessively long
  • Your grass has the presence of disease
  • You have non-mulching blades
  • When clippings land near storm drains

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