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Having a beautiful lawn requires a lot of care and attention. In addition, your lawn requires watering to keep soil moist and grass from becoming dry and yellow. But there is a lot to consider when it comes to watering your lawn. Therefore, you may wonder if you’re doing it right or what you could be doing differently?

Luckily, the experts at Maggio have some lawn watering tips and advice for optimal growth and lawn health.

Tips For Watering Your Lawn Like A Pro

1. When To Water

  • The best time to water your lawn is in the morning.
  • The next best time to water is in the late afternoon or evening.
  • Mid-day watering should be avoided because water will evaporate. You’ll waste water before it can soak into the soil which means money down the drain (or rather – up into the sky). Above all this means the water won’t have time to penetrate the appropriate soil depths for deep root development.
  • Night watering should be avoided because the lawn stays wet too long and promotes development of lawn diseases.

2. How Frequently To Water

The goal is to water deeply, allowing the water to penetrate into the deeper layers of soil attracting the roots which in turn creates deeper root systems. It is better to water less  often for longer periods than it is to water more often for shorter periods. For example watering 2-3x per week for 20 minutes is better than watering 5x per week for 5 minutes.

3. How Much To Water

An average lawn requires 1-2 inches of water per week. You’ll want to take into consideration heavy rainfall when deciding if you need to add more water to your lawn as you want to avoid overwatering.

Consider investing in a device called a rainfall gauge to help track rainfall. They sell them at any hardware store or buy one online. We like this one on amazon.

4. Watering Equipment

Proper equipment is key to successful watering and should ideally mimic rainfall. The distribution, droplet size and pressure of the water are three main factors to consider. If the pressure is too intense you’ll wreck the lawn or displace the soil.  Even distribution is key to ensuring you aren’t overwatering some areas and underwatering other.

  • Invest in a quality wand or attachment nozzle for your hose and use the “shower” setting when watering.
  • Invest in a quality sprinkler that attaches to your garden hose. Rotating and oscillating are our choice over stationary.
  • Invest in a quality irrigation system for your lawn. We recommend the team at Dufferin Lawn Sprinklers

5. Aerate Your Lawn Annually

Soil on our lawn becomes compact overtime hindering your watering efforts. In other words, the soil is too dense to absorb the water, oxygen and nutrients it needs to survive. Aeration involves perforation of small holes in the soil to allow deep penetration of fertilizer, nutrients, water, sunlight and oxygen.

Learn more about Maggio lawn aeration treatments


  •  Water 2-3x per week in the morning ensuring you give your lawn a good deep soak
  • Weekly water intake for your lawn shouldn’t surpass 2 inches
  • Ensure you’re using the proper equipment so the water’s evenly distributed and mimics rainfall
  • Aerate annually so the water is properly absorbed into the roots