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Your lawn requires aeration to help improve absorption of vital nutrients. But you might be wondering what to do with the cores left on your lawn after aeration?

What is aeration?

aeration machine

Aeration involves perforation of small holes in the soil to allow deep penetration of fertilizer, nutrients, water, sunlight and oxygen. A machine is used to mechanically remove “cores” or plugs from your lawn to create channels for deep penetration.

Should you remove the cores?

lawn core

While they may be unsightly, they are beneficial to your lawn. You should not remove the cores from your lawn after aeration as they play a vital role in the aeration process. The cores are packed with nutrients and microorganisms, as the cores begin to decompose they naturally fertilize your lawn seeping easily into the channels creating during the aeration treatment.

How to speed the decomposition process:

1. Water your lawn

Watering your lawn over the course of the week will speed the process of decomposition of the cores. You should water your lawn for 20 minutes per area 3x per week after aeration treatment.

2. Cut your lawn

When it’s time for your weekly grass cutting, this will help to break down the cores quicker, speeding up the decomposition process.

*Don’t be tempted to over cut your lawn. Let the cores do their job. Leave it to Maggio – we have you covered with our grass cutting service*

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