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There are a number of benefits of topsoil for your gardens. Adding a good topsoil, followed by a layer of mulch is one of the best things you can do for the health of your trees and gardens. In this article we’ll explain what topsoil is, how it becomes depleted and review its main benefits.

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What is topsoil?

Topsoil is the vital, uppermost section of soil that houses the roots of your plants and typically extends 2-8 inches deep. It is the primary source for plants to get their nutrient source that helps them grow.

A good quality topsoil that you can purchase is 100% organic, full of rich minerals and comprised of decaying organic matter. This makes it the best type of soil for optimal growth. Get a quote.

How does topsoil get depleted?

The quality and concentration of your topsoil will diminish over time and will need to be replaced. It depletes through:

  • erosion from rainfall and melting snow
  • weeds depleting its nutrients yo grow
  • displacement from foot traffic from people and animals
  • displacement from improper watering

5 Benefits Of Adding Topsoil To Your Gardens:

1. Improves Soil Quality

The quality and nutrient concentration of your topsoil will deplete over time. Adding a fresh layer of nutrient-rich topsoil will help your plants to thrive.

2. Replaces Lost Soil

A number of things will cause your topsoil to erode away or displace and become uneven. Adding fresh topsoil will replace the soil that’s been eroded or displaced while leveling out uneven spots for a more refined look.

3. Improves Soil pH

Your soil is exposed to all kinds of organic matter that can affect its pH levels making it more acidic. Adding fresh topsoil will help neutralize the soil quality to a more normal pH level for optimal growth.

4. Improves Water Retention

High-quality soil is made up of large amounts of organic matter such as compost and decomposed plants. This gives the soil good drainage which aids in water retention – meaning you’ll have to water it less often.

5. Promotes Healthy Root Systems

The oxygen in topsoil will help promote a healthy root system which means strong, healthy roots that are resistant to stresses like extreme weather conditions.

Maggio carries 100% organic high quality soil that is locally sourced. It’s comprised of organic matter such as decomposed plants and compost – making it the best type of soil for optimal growth.

To make the most of your topsoil, we recommend adding a layer of mulch to you gardens. See why in this blog post.

Leave the dirty work to us, Maggio has you covered. Visit our mulch and soil installation page for more details.